Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapist works alongside the students, school staff, and family whānau to identify any occupational performance difficulties and aims to address these. The Occupational Therapist carries out appropriate assessments and develops individualised programmes to support the student. Assessment and programmes support students in activities of daily living, hand function and fine motor skills, sensory processing, vocational skills, and play/leisure. The Occupational Therapist also provides specialist equipment to help students access the curriculum e.g. specialist seating and assistive technology.

Speech and Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapists work to support students who have communication difficulties either expressive or receptive. They work collaboratively with classroom staff and family whānau to support the students’ functional language and integrates individualised programmes into the student’s day to support the student in participation of classroom activities and accessing the curriculum. The Speech and Language Therapists will support students in a range of domains including; attention and listening, social skills, understanding of language, expressive language, speech sounds, and oral motor development. The Speech and Language Therapists integrate augmentative and assistive communication strategies such as the use of pictures/symbols, electronic devices and signing as additional support to students. They also work with students who present with eating and drinking difficulties. The Speech and Language Therapists promote positive interaction and support classroom staff in ensuring safe eating and drinking practices are carried out.

Music Therapy

Music Therapists use music creatively to help students address social, emotional or physical difficulties.

Music therapists seek to establish an interaction – a shared musical experience – in the pursuit of therapeutic goals.

Sensory processing, turn taking, self-expression and developing increased self-awareness form part of the therapy session.

Meet our Therapists:

Jessica Barker OT and Lead Therapist –

Christa Hanson Speech Language Therapist -

Dennis Kahui Music Therapist -

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